Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mothers Day Flowers, Kawasaki and Teen fun in the backyard

The flowers in the photo are my Mother's day gift from Bob, Tyler and Tiffany.

The Kawasaki motorcycles in the photo belong to Bob and I. The red one is mine!!

Teen fun in the backyard photo's are from today when Bob purchased a slip and slide for Tyler, Tiffany and their friend Taylor to cool off on. Tyler, Tiffany and Taylor had a great time. Thank you Tyler for spending the weekend with us and we look forward to your visit next weekend because we need your help making beef jerky.

Love Cindy

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pictures of Grandpa Burt

My love to Grandpa and Motorcycles

To my family and friends with love,

I begin with telling you that my visit with Grandpa Burt last Thursday at St Anthony Hospital was a very cherished time in my life. I arrived to Grandpa's hospital room and sat down next to his bed with tears in my eyes asking "how are you?" His reply was "not good honey". I told Grandpa that I love him to the moon and back and his reply was " I love you morether". Grandpa's breakfast had arrived and I helped feed him eggs, toast, cream of wheat with coffee and juice. I started to cry and so did he. As we wiped each other's tears, Grandpa said "I have seen all that I want to see and I have done all that I have wanted to do".

Last Saturday Tiffany and I went to the Hallmark nursing home to visit Grandpa because we were told that he does not have long to live. Tiffany bent down to give her Great Grandpa a hug and he wrapped his left arm around her to say goodbye. Tiffany and I shared our tears together and talked of wonderful memories. Tyler did not go because he said that he wanted to remember Great Grandpa the way he was at home.

Tuesday night I received a phone call that Grandpa only had hours to live, so I called out from work and spent the night at his side holding his hand. I was there with my Mom Linda and Aunt melody. My mom was tired and could not handle see every breath he took thinking it was his last, so she went home. Grandpa is very stubborn and he will make his journey to heaven when he is ready to.

Today is Thursday May 15, 2008. When I got off from work this morning I went to the nursing home to sit by Grandpa's side and hold his hand for about two hours. I gave him a kiss and hug telling him that I love him to the moon and back then came home to sleep.

I received the phone call from my mom tonight that he passed away at 5:33 pm. He passed away just a couple of minutes after Grandma Dorothy said goodbye and left his room. I guess you can say that we was waiting for just one more kiss,hug and goodbye from his wife of almost 62 years. How beautiful to wait for that one moment.

My motto for years in the past, present and future is to live everyday to the fullest because you never know if it will be the last!!!!!!!!

Guess what? Last weekend Bob and I went to Motorcycle Safety class at Fey Meyers motorcycle world and passed the written exam with a 92 %. Bob passed the written exam with a score of 94%. We both passed the actual riding course. We went to motor vehicle after class to get our endorsement for our driver's license. After spending 5hours on a motorcycle getting sun burned and having helmet hair.........we had to pose for a new photo for our driver's license!!!!!!!! How scary are the photos going to be?? We will find out in a couple of weeks when they show up in the mail.

Oh, in case you are wondering? Yes, I am still smoking due to a nicotine overdose I received from the 7mg patches that the Colorado quit line sent me. They will not send me the gum because you only get to choose one item to use. I will try cutting the patch in half I guess when the time comes.

Take care of you and your loved ones. Always

Love Cindy

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Motorcycles, Cupcakes and Family

Hey everyone,

Guess what? Bob bought a new motorcycle due to the rising cost of gas. He bought a 2008 Kawasaki KLR 650 that is green, black and silver. This weekend Bob and I will be taking a motorcycle riding class at Fey Meyers and receive an endorsement for a motorcycle license. YEAH, me driving a motorcycle!!!! I am very excited to learn and I will proudly display on my drivers license the letter "M" :) Bob bought me a Harley Davidson helmet at a yard sale over the weekend to protect my head when riding!!!!

Tonight Tiffany is baking 48 cupcakes for a school science project. The house smells wonderful and we are having a great time. The project is dealing with temperature, time and how many. The cupcakes will be available at parent/teacher conferences tomorrow at Ken Caryl Middle School.

I had a wonderful visit with my son Tyler yesterday afternoon. I picked him up at 3:30pm and he stayed for dinner and hung out with Tiffany and his friends around the neighborhood. I would be very happy to spend every Tuesday afternoon with Tyler and have both my kids together just for one day every week.

I went to visit Grandpa Burt this morning at the Bear Creek Nursing home in Morrison. I told him that I love him to the moon and back and his response was "I love you morether" The nurses call him smiles because he is always smiling. I made sure that he had a couple drinks of water, adjusted his pillows and was able to get a heating pad for his legs from the nurses. Hopefully grandpa will come home soon after his therapy is over with. (grandpa cracked his femur after falling)

To my sister Coni with love: You are right and I am wrong with our previous conversations. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart and I cherish our sisterhood and relationship more than anything in the world. I smile because you are my sister, but I laugh because you cannot do anything about it:)

Love always

Monday, April 14, 2008

Quit Smoking, The Flu and Relationships

Okay, so I called the Colorado quit line for help with quitting smoking. I have a coach calling me this Wednesday at 3pm and free patches being mailed to me. I bought a pack of smokes on April 9th and I am proud to say that I have made it last this far (today).

Bob quit smoking last weekend due to the Flu. Guess what? I come down with the flu two days ago. Bob and I's relationship is being tested to the limits with the quitting smoking and him giving me the flu, which is possibly resulting in me being FIRED from Wal-Mart for missing work??????? This is not easy for either of us.

Kirk quit smoking three weeks ago!!!!! The three of us hang out on Firday nights and Sundays:) Having all three of us together and battling the non-smoking issues is very challenging.

My surgery went well a month ago with having my appendix and ovaries removed. Bob's back is doing okay since he purchased a Reebock Inversion table for hanging upside down every day.

To Mallory, Tyler, Amber, Coni and Ron; Love all of you very much

Love Always

Friday, February 29, 2008

Bad Back, My ovaries and my Appendix

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have not blogged for a while.

Bob has a back injury of two bulging discs with arthritis. He has not been to work in 3 weeks, cannot drive and is on very strong pain medication.

I have surgery on March 14th at 9:30 a.m. due to painful ovarian cysts that are rupturing every month and complications with my appendix. My surgery is at Littleton Hospital to remove my ovaries (both of them) and remove my appendix for no further issues of cysts. I have been put on birth control???? Not sure why, but the only result for the last week is my boobs are hurting:(

The kitchen remodel is almost complete. I will show pitcures after completion. We still have granite counter tops to place, plumbing and securing the kitchen sink and applying the decorative molding between the cabinets and ceiling.

Take care of you
Love Cindy

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cran, Thirouin and Strole Household (sounds like a lawfirm)

As you know we started on the kitchen/living room remodel on December 4, 2007. This blog is to update my friends and family on our amazing progress. We installed the cabinets last weekend. We only have one cabinet left to install in the corner by the pass through as seen in the pictures. I am still doing dishes in the bathroom sink, which is not a bad thing at all. I finally moved plants into the new atrium window in the kitchen today. LOOK! We have a paint color on the wall in the kitchen. Why is this a big deal you ask? When the kids and I moved in, Bob said only WHITE on the walls because (White goes with everything) Bob changed his mind after watching several shows on the HGTV. People on the shows always say that color is warm and inviting.

Tiffany is finding new friends due to the old ones have figured out how smart she is and are calling all the time for answers to homework questions. Tiffany finally told Daniells and Kaitlyn to PACK SAND and go away. Tiffany has new friends-Tia, Claire and Alicia, who are very polite and wonderful teenage girls.

I am still working at Wal Mart. I only work there for the medical, dental benefits and of course a payckeck every two weeks.

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping New Years Resolutions up to date.

Take care of you:)

Love Cindy